Patricia Herrera’s Vegan Weight-Loss Success Story – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

After going vegan, California schoolteacher Patricia Herrera lost weight, got control of her blood sugar, and lowered her cholesterol. This Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reverse diabetes success story is based on Dr. Neal Barnards Program for Reversing Diabetes that is shown to be three times more effective than the American Diabetes Association dietary guidelines at controlling blood sugar.
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  1. DNP6252 says:

    Patricia, Congrats! The salad you are making in the video does look delicious. Could you share the recipe? I’m always looking for new recipes to add to my ever-growing vegan uncookbook. Thanks!

  2. phall2008 says:

    The salad you are making there looks awesome! I love salads with beans and corn. Some salsa’s have beans and corn and I love it. Great video!

  3. spikutus says:

    I never would have believed it, but it is true! I gained about 75 pounds about 3 years ago and discovered I had hypothyroidism. In the past, I had done low carb diets to lose weight. I finally got my thyroid under control and decided to go back on the low carb diet to get rid of the excess weight. But I totally lost my taste for meat. After about 2 weeks I started reading stuff about vegetarian and vegan diets, as meat was no longer attractive to me. I have lost 10 poinds in the last 3 weeks!

  4. ababsurdo1567 says:

    @shakedownstreet48 A great motivator for me to keep away from sodas, chips, and other junk foods is to think comprehensively about the ingredients and the process in which they are made. Then I think “Ugh, why do we eat that stuff?”

  5. shakedownstreet48 says:

    What was that you were makeing ,looked very good??. I have been trying this for about a year and a half. Lost a bunch of weight , but have been sliping back into my old ways.. No Meat or chicken still but can’t stop the Cokes and chips. Have any ideas??


    kidney beans balance the sugar

  7. Darkthor9 says:

    I’ve lost 100 pounds in the past 16 months since going vegan. We do allow ourselves one non-vegan meal a week, but there’s often times we still eat vegan anyway because we love the food and how it makes us feel.

  8. tikkihut58 says:

    What type foods are you eating? How do you know if your getting correct amount of nutrients? I’m very interested in doing this for health plus weight loss…just interested in info.

  9. beaelliott says:

    According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, a plant-based diet can help participants lose weight, lower blood sugar and reduce their need for medications used to treat diabetes and other health conditions. They also can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  10. AMissTori says:

    @almaraz13 I agree!

  11. angiecat33 says:

    I bought Dr. Barnard’s book and have been following this prog for 4 weeks as of Friday. So far I have lost 9.5 pounds and I LOVE.. not like.. LOVE the food and it does not feel tough to do, at all. If you’re thinking about it, give it a try, I know you won’t regret it.

  12. 2bYshuas says:

    Thanks, I’ve been vegetarian for years, but I still eat too much junk food and dealing with diabetes. I’v GOT to do this!

  13. starlastarlove says:

    congrats, im vegan too and its wonderful! :)

  14. almaraz13 says:

    Wow this video is very true.. and finally someone normal is showing that vegan is good for us..

  15. VibekeV says:

    Wow, what a great video. You’re an inspiration.

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